Misunderstood Back Pain

Are you wondering what the root cause of your back pain truly is? Despite all the diagnoses of spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and herniation along with many more… the root of the problem may be coming from your pelvis. Read this article to understand more.



Lisa Marie Keller

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Personal Transformation

Personal transformation and growing to your full potential can be hard work that is easier when you are supported. Evolution Fest has some amazingly supportive speakers and followers. Check out Evolution Fest here!!! If you are interested in participating in Evolution Fest; however, the cost is inhibiting you then can use discount code EFLMK.

Lisa Marie Keller

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Personal Transformation with Evolution Fest

If you are interested in personal growth then you know it is a constant process of improvement. It is also a process each and every one of us could also use help and support with.  I have come across many amazing healers and helpers throughout my journey and several of them are going to be presenting at a 3 day event in the Los Angeles area called Evolution Fest. There are leading experts in the fields of mental, emotional, physical, financial and essential core health who can help to guide you through your own personal and powerful transformation.  I invite you to check it out to see if is a good fit for your path of healing and transformation and if it is then see what you can do to make it happen. Check out the tickets by clicking here.

HUGS to you in your transformative healing process!!!

Lisa Marie Keller

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East vs West

There is always going to be a right wing vs left wing, right vs wrong and unfortunately in healthcare it is Eastern Medicine vs Western Medicine. This is truly a shame because there are benefits to both forms of medicine. If I break a leg and need emergency surgery there is no other place I would rather be than in the US with Western Medicine. However, when dealing with chronic health conditions I prefer Eastern Medicine. east west

I think a balance between the two is ideal and there should not really be one vs the other. Jeffrey Allen explains perfectly the strengths and weaknesses of the Eastern and Western Medicine. His article was published on the Mindvalley blog and if you are wanting to understand more on how each form of medicine could benefit you then click here to check it out.

Best Regards in Love and Light!

Lisa Marie Keller

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It is all about perspective…

When you are standing in front of an obstacle… such as getting past your pain, it may seem daunting. However, once you are past that challenge in life you can then see it from a different perspective. Take this staircase for example. circular staircase

When you are at the bottom of the staircase it really seems like a long way up and may even seem to be a bit daunting. However, once you get to the top and look down you see this image. You can then see the beauty in the staircase and maybe then appreciate the trudging climb up the stairs to get to the top just for that different perspective.

What beauty do you think you will see in your challenges and your pain once you overcome them?

It is always nice to change you perspective.


Lisa Marie Keller

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Reclaim Your Power

Are you powerless to your pain? It may seem that way…. almost like there is nothing that you can do for it. Maybe you feel stuck with NO way out. Is it worth feeling that way?

I claim my power - balance

There is one essential step in overcoming pain. That is reclaiming your power. Knowing you have the power to change and that you actually have power over your body. It is YOUR body after all. It is your vehicle for this lifetime. Who told you that you did not have control over your body anyhow? Here is the next step in reclaiming your power. I want you to take 3-5 really deep…. I mean REALLY DEEP breaths. Allow your full ribcage to expand so far you have no choice but to allow your belly to expand as well.

After those 3-5 deep breaths I want you to check in again with your body. Do you feel more relaxed? Maybe just a notch or so less pain? Your mind may be more centered and it is easier to think clearly. Now claim your power. You have the power to change your body so take your reigns now!

HUGS of Power to YOU!!!

Lisa Marie Keller

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Spring, Supermoon, Eclipse!

Today is the first day of spring, there is a supermoon tonight and there is also going to be a lunar eclipse. Wow what a big day! Of course where I am living, it is supposed to snow tonight. This is not an unusual occurrence for the first day of spring. Sometimes it seems like mother nature has a bit of a sense of humor since just a few days ago it was warmer than 60 degrees.

eclipseHave you noticed that the cycles and phases of the moon affect your pain? I can honestly say that is one pattern I have not paid much attention to. However, with the supermoon (meaning the moon is at its closest point to the earth while being a full moon) and a lunar eclipse to boot I just started thinking about it. I know that the moon can affect a persons mood and of course the emotional state can improve or worsen pain. So it would logically make sense that the moon would affect pain. I did happen to notice today that many people were acting more erratic today… maybe because of the moon or maybe it is just a weird coincidence.

moon on beach

I know weather affects pain and that is because the barometric pressure changes affect inflammation. This affect on inflammation can worsen or improve pain. This is very apparent where I live because it can be rainy, cloudy, snowy one hour or one day and the very next sunny and clear skies. This wreaks havoc on those with chronic pain and arthritis. I get to hear all about it when I am working with the elderly.

So now, I am going to pay more attention to how the moon cycles affect peoples pain. You may want to pay attention to different cycles of nature and see how it affects you and you may be surprised to see a correlation.



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