Release Your Light

This picture really just stirred my soul. I would love to be present with such an event. It makes me think about how each of us has a light inside of us that needs to be released. lanternsWhen you are in pain it seems like there no longer is a light. I guarantee you that is not the truth. Your light is still shining brightly just under a shroud of pain.

The pain is temporary, regardless of how permanent it may seem. If you really want to release your light up into the air for all to see then you will be one step forward in getting rid of your pain. The desire to acknowledge yourself and express yourself is important in the healing process. There are many fears associated with pain. There is alot of guilt as well and maybe even feelings of “I deserve this pain”.

You are your own worst judge. I am certain there are as many wonderfully amazing things to share with the world as there are times you messed up. Quite honestly, there are likely more amazing gifts for you to share than times you messed up.

I encourage you to find those gifts beneath your shroud of pain and release them into the world for all to see… just like a paper lantern.



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Bottled Dreams

I know there is a part in you that wants to be seen and recognized. There is a part of you that craves making a significant difference in the world. What dreams do you have that DREAMyou keep bottled up? What is your pain telling you as you are keeping all of these dreams bottled up inside of you? It likely is fear that keeps the lid on the jar… Fear of what others will think, how they will react, fear of how that dream could possibly fit into your life.

The problem ends up being as you keep all of those dreams bottled tightly inside, you are turning away from a part of yourself. Is your pain and your body possibly reminding you (and not in such a pleasant manner I might add) that you need to recognize a part of yourself?

Is it time to express yourself and your dreams. Is it time to get past the pain and let yourself free? There may never really be an ideal time, and the longer your wait the more painful it gets, so no point in waiting. Take the lid off, and share your dreams with the world, or at least with those who you love.



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Inject Happiness

How do you inject happiness into your body. How wonderful would that be if you could go to your doctor or other healthcare professional and ask for an injection of happiness? I flowers and rainthink it would be absolutely great. It is not like we have not tried… look at all the antidepressant drugs available. Hmmm… makes you think doesn’t it?

I honestly wish it was that easy as just getting an injection and voila your body is happy and ready to go for you. And well… is not. Thinking on that vein. What creates happiness for you? Where does your happiness come from. If your happiness comes from your pets, your family and friends, walking outside in the brisk morning, watching a sunset, nurturing yourself with a bubble bath… do you have those things in your life enough?

If happiness and joy is lacking maybe think what you need to get it back because that could be a root cause of your physical pain. It has been noted in studies that individuals who have a strong social network have less incidents (if any) of depression. What do you need to incorporate into your life to inject some happiness into your body.

Once you figure out how to inject some happiness into your body there is less room for the pain. Push the pain out with some good old fashioned happiness 🙂



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Your Body Hears Everything

I am sure you do it just as much if not more than I do… What is that you are wondering. your body hears everythingWell it is bad-talking your body. Telling your body how you should be able to do more stuff, be able to sleep less, be more beautiful, have less pain blah blah blah. Of course when you are in pain it seems like your body is a big let-down and I am sure you do not hesitate to tell your body that. You know your words you use 🙂

I know I have had my fair share of bad talking my body and it is a really a very hard habit to break. Every time I think something against my body now I say cancel or delete to leave room for the positive. I am not 100% with it. It is a work in progress and I am still making a diligent effort.

I agree it seems quite trivial that you would have to worry about something like what you say to your body. However, your body is a living breathing organism and it honestly does listen to you. It is like having a parent that constantly tells you what you are doing wrong and what a letdown you are and then expects you to exceed expectations and do amazing things when you are feeling down in the dumps and worthless. It honestly just does not happen that way and it does not happen that way with you body either.

Of course there are things in your body that you want to improve and there are things in your body that are working superbly without any encouragement from you. Maybe a bit of recognition is in order to allow those good things in your body to shine forth. Acknowledge and appreciate your body and see how much it helps you to relieve your pain. That is the ultimate goal after all… to get rid of this constant pain. Let your body help you with that process but first you have to make an effort to be nice to it.


Lisa Marie Keller

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Love Yourself

The more I work with people and try and understand how they got to where they are currently with their health challenges; the more I realize most unhealthy people suffer from putting themselves last. I see this in parents, caregivers, health professionals the most; however, it is prevalent with everyone to some extent.
Just recently I had a patient who had been caregiving for her loved ones until their death, and at that point her own health gave out and she was left in a bad place. I told her she needs to take care of herself as well as she took care of her loved ones. She told me she I love mecould not do that.  It was too hard… She was not important enough… She could not be her own best friend. How does this happen? Why is is so hard to love ourselves? Do we expect others to do it for us?

Maybe we just lack good role models. There is only one industry where I have seen it encouraged to put yourself first before helping others and that is in the case of an emergency when you are on a plane. You are to put your own oxygen mask on before putting on the one for your child or loved ones.

I definitely do not see a put yourself first sort of perspective in the healthcare industry. There it is common for doctors and nurses to work 12 hours, sometimes without a break or a lunch. Healthcare providers are “encouraged” to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of others. It is definitely an oxymoron to me and never made much sense. I fought it constantly because my body was not strong enough at the time to handle being uncared for. Once I started feeling bad I had a very difficult time holding a compassionate space for those I was trying to help. I found I had to take care of myself first which made me a black sheep in the medical industry where I resided as a Physical Therapist.

How do you increase your own self love so that you can better take care of yourself and heal? What do you need to do to show yourself some self-love? I know Valentines day is all about expressing love and compassion to others; however, don’t forget about yourself. When you find yourself skipping a lunch, not taking care of yourself, putting everyone first before yourself… I want you to to think about something at that moment. If your best friend were doing that very same thing what would you tell them? Say it out-loud… say it to yourself. Show yourself the love you show to those you care about the most.

It is exceptionally important that you take care of yourself as you heal your body from pain. Love yourself so that you can let go of your pain today!



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Focus on a Miracle Today

miracles are everywhere

I know when you are in pain sometimes it is difficult to see the small miracles that is a part of life everyday. You are so focused on what is going on in your body, which you do not like and want to go away, that you may fail to notice those things outside of you that are beautiful and miraculous. If you live in a cold weather state like I do you get alot of snow. Yes, the snow is cold and uncomfortable for most – me included. However, in every snowflake is a small miracle. The way the water forms such intricate and artful designs is nothing short of a miracle. What miracle can you pay attention to in your life today? Stand outside of yourself, outside of your pain and notice at least one miracle. It may seem like a very simple task; however, this will help you in overcoming your pain because pain always hurts more when you pay attention to it. Paying attention to the miracles outside your body and your pain will help you to STOP focusing inside on your pain.



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Lean Back In Life

It seems that there are a large number of activities that need to be done bending forward with a few of them including any work done at a desk, cooking, cleaning, yard work, car light of the soulmaintenance (twisting around inside the cab and having to do work under the hood) along with a slew of other things that will likely come to mind for you. It would take me a day to rattle off all of them.

The point is – for much of the day you are likely bent forward unless you happen to scale telephone poles for a living. I have actually had a patient with this job. Because you happen to be bent forward for most of the day many of the muscles and tissues in the front side of your body get tight and the ones in the backside of your body get over stretched.

One way to help this tendency to be forward bent much of the time is just to be more aware of it and take breaks and time during the day to do the opposite – lean backward and open up the front side of your body. This can be done in many different ways. You can stand and place your hands on your lower back and just lean back. You can lie down on your stomach and push up with your arms and let your back relax. If you have a big exercise ball available you can lie back on the ball (that is a fantastic stretch and feels good – just don’t fall off).

Use your imagination and think how you can lean back in life. This will help your spine and even your shoulders since it will be opening up the entire frontside of your body. It may even help with your digestion or abdominal discomforts if you have any. Try it and see 🙂



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