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Keep The Collagen… Do Not Toss That Turkey!!!!

In comes the food coma from Thanksgiving dinner and all that Tryptophan from the turkey. It is just so good how can you stop eating??!! After such a gluttonous meal, what do you do with the turkey bones afterward? Personally, … Continue reading

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Seasons May Change: Your Health Can Stay Balanced

I live in Northeast Ohio, and it seems like this is the time of year that weather changes can wreak havoc on the immune system. The fall is a high allergy time and when the tissues of the upper respiratory … Continue reading

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Spring, Supermoon, Eclipse!

Today is the first day of spring, there is a supermoon tonight and there is also going to be a lunar eclipse. Wow what a big day! Of course where I am living, it is supposed to snow tonight. This … Continue reading

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