Do you KNOW or do you LEARN?

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Knowing is the enemy of learning… this is something I have recently heard and it makes sense because when you know something then it holds your current sphere of knowledge intact, firm and untouched. There is no room for anything new to come in and therefore nothing NEW can be learned.

What do you know about your body right now that is affecting your ability to learn something new that could improve how you feel right now? Is the “knowing” of your chronic pain non-negotiable? Are you willing to find another option? Are you open to “learning” another way?

Is your shoulder, back, leg or other body part “gimpy” and that is just the way it is? Are you leaving room for your body to heal and improve? Are you open to “learning” what is strong and good about your body?

Are you tired all the time and having to cut things you love out of your life because of it and that is just how it is? Does it have to be that way? Is there honestly another option?  Are you open to “learning” how to managing it differently?

Are you willing to allow more joy into your life as your body heals and allows you to do more of what you love? Think about what you “know” and decide if it is serving you and your life the way you want it to. If your “knowing” is not serving you well not then maybe change that “knowing” to being open to “learning”




About Lisa Marie Keller

Lisa Marie Keller wants to live in a world where it is commonplace to dance to the music of life. As a pain management specialist, she's been working as a Physical Therapist resolving the pain of her patients for a variety of conditions including but not limited to chronic back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain foot pain and even headaches for over thirteen years. Following seven years of traditional schooling and more years than she would like to remember at the School of Hard Knocks resolving her own pain and body dysfunctions she has become the Queen of Conquering Pain. When she’s not pondering on how to solve the next health dilemma, you can find her dancing around in her living room to music that is played much too loud, making snobby comments about amazing wine and fantasizing about where she is going to travel to next. Her first book — Free My Back — hit the Amazon Marketplace in August 2014. You can get a free e-book version of Free My Back by registering at
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