Magnesium for Muscles part 4

So far you have learned how important magnesium is for the body and also that it can be difficult to replenish that magnesium from your diet. If you are deficient in magnesium and notice some effects of this deficiency such as muscle cramping, spasms and constipation then you may be wondering how to effectively supplement. I am sure you want to get the most for your money and ensure you are goingto absorb what you are taking.  If you are looking for quick and effective absorption into the body then many brands of capsules may not be the best choice. I have discussed in the past how to do muscle testing and through that method I have found Cardiovascular Research to have some of the best magnesium supplements, especially the liquid solution. Do not worry if you are not familiar with muscle testing. There is a Health Empowerment Program that incorporates muscle testing as part of the system of building self awareness for your health. You can check out the program here:

Now to get back to the topic at hand :-). I want you to keep in mind that magnesium is a rock from the earth and there are forms that will naturally be better absorbed by the human body than others. The liquid chloride is the form of magnesium that the body tends to recognize the easiest and there is a really good reason for this. Magnesium chloride occurs naturally from the sea and since our bodies were designed to work with the sea (and with mother earth in general) many eons ago, that is the form the body is able to recognize and use most efficiently. As a general rule of thumb, the closer vitamins and minerals are to the form provided by mother earth the easier the body can recognize it and use it.

Keep in mind that there are no official blood tests to detect magnesium deficiency. This is due to the fact that only 1% of the magnesium is found in the bloodstream. If the magnesium levels fall low in the bloodstream then it is immediately grabbed from the bones and muscles to make up for the deficiency in the blood. The result of this could be muscle spasms, headaches, chest tightness and even elevated blood pressure. Even though you may not be able to test for low magnesium levels there are times when you may need additional magnesium such as:

•    With exercise, stress, diuretics or during illnesses
•    With calcium supplementation that provides too little magnesium
•    When drinking a lot of “soft” water or bottled water without magnesium
•    If you have a diet high in phosphorous (cola drinks, fried foods, cheese, fatty meats)
•    Eating a lot of “cooked” veggies since the minerals may leach into the cooking water
•    As you age magnesium absorption decreases so you need more

Personally, I like to supplement with both the liquid (chloride form) of magnesium and the capsule form. I always have the liquid form available because it is absorbed so quickly; however, it is not always very convenient so I use the capsule form as well, especially during traveling. I always take magnesium with me while traveling because in the past I had a terrible spasm in my neck from carrying heavy luggage and it ruined a whole day of my trip. It was excruciating moving around and it really took the fun out of sightseeing. So in my experience,  I recommend you have access to both forms of magnesium, which you can find in Amazon. You can click this link here for the liquid chloride form and this link here for the capsule form; both of which I have in my cupboards.

If those links do not work then you can click this link below for the liquid chloride form

and this link below for the capsule form.

If you are interested in receiving more information on how supplement choices could help you in your health then I would love to have a strategy session with you. I welcome the opportunity to help you with your health challenges so do not hesitate to contact me at

HUGS and have an amazing day!
Lisa Marie Keller


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