Strong Bones Healthy Body

Your skeleton is constantly changing in response to a variety of factors including activity and nutrition. Every cell in your body is constantly being replaced, but each at a different rate.

The full skeleton is completely replaced in about 3 months. The durability of the skeleton is determined by activity level and the nutrition used as building blocks of the skeletal cells. Osteoporosis and ostepenia does not have to be a long term problem!

Activity is important because activity is one way to tell the body what you want to get out of it. If you challenge the body and tell it you want to move then the body will build itself so it can do that better. If you do not use the body then it will not expend the extra energy required to make it stronger and able to move better.

To strengthen your bones stresses need to be placed through the bones, ideally through the length of the bones. For this to be done most effectively weightlifting is ideal. Using weights places more strain on the bones and encourages them to build stronger. The weight can be as low as 2 lbs to be effective for the arms and 10 lbs for the spine.

Good exercises for this include overhead presses with weights since it places the strain through the long bones of the arms and also down the spine. Squats are also effective for strengthening the legs and spine especially if weight is involved.

Squats are universally helpful because it strengthens so many muscles in the legs and back and improves the ability to get up and down from a chair and up and down steps while also strengthening your bones.

Activity tells your body that you want it to be stronger so the next step is giving it the building blocks so that it can build new healthy bone cells. Bones are made of connective tissue reinforced with calcium and other minerals that lend strength. The connective tissue is made of protein with 90% of this protein being comprised of collagen.

The connective tissue lends more strength to the bone because it is has some flexibility and pliability. Without the collagen the bones will be more brittle and fragile. Think of it like adding an elastic component to your pants. With this elastic component in clothing it allows it to deform and change in response to the movements without tearing. This is similar with your bones; the collagen gives them some bounce and resilience.

I am sure you are aware that the most prominent mineral in your bones is calcium; however, you may not know that additional minerals are required including phosphorus and magnesium. All of these minerals are also required for additional functions in the body. Phoshorus is required for the growth, maintenance and repair of all cells of the body. Calcium and magnesium are integral for all nerve conductivity and muscle contraction / relaxation in the body.

Your body will take the minerals from your bones when there is a shortage and use them for the nerves and the muscles. If the minerals are not replaced it will negatively affect the integrity of the bones. It is important to ensure you are getting enough of all the minerals required and the collagen to form strong and flexible bones that are resistant to breakage.

Supplementation may be important since the nutrient density of foods has diminished through the years. I have been a fan of Natures Sunshine products for some time because they are focused on quality control throughout the production process. You can check out a video on their quality control by checking out this page The video is located at the top of the page. They have all the supplements required for strong healthy bones, including collagen. If you want to learn more about collagen check out my article from November of 2022.

Natures Sunshine also has two mineral combinations for strong bones. One is called Skeletal Strength and the other is Calcium Magnesium Synerpro. Skeletal strength has all the minerals you need for strong bones along with specialized herbs to support strength in the structural system including horsetail which helps in repair and building of connective tissue and papain to help break down the proteins such as collagen for better absorption. Click the link above for more information.

Calcium Magnesium Synerpro has all the minerals you require to build strong bones including phosphorus in a blend of green and cruciferous vegetables for added nutritional benefit. If you have a tough time getting in your greens this may be the one for you. Click the above link for more information.

Tell your body you want strong bones with exercise and activity and then give it the building blocks it needs to do its job with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and collagen and your bones can rebuild themselves stronger than they were before. If you have any questions or are interested in a consultation reach out to me at I look forward to hearing from you!

In Abundant Health,

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Puffy Legs…. It Does NOT Have To Be Normal

I have worked in skilled nursing facilities for many years and one of the most common things I see is swelling in the lower legs. The typical response I get from patients is that it is normal and nothing to worry about. I do not completely agree with the statement that it is normal and I firmly believe the problem can be improved if not solved with the right strategies. Good strategies include specific exercises to support the flow of the fluid and using the right foods and supplements to support the body’s elimination system.

Our bodies are designed to use muscle contraction and movement to help push excess fluid out of the lower legs. The arteries and veins have significant levels of smooth muscle on them to assist with the movement of the fluid in the right direction and to help with pressurization of the system. The higher pressure helps with movement of the fluid. The arteries and veins are not directly responsible for getting the fluid out of the tissues. The lymphatic system, which is a low pressure system and has minimal smooth muscle as compared to the arteries and veins, are responsible for pulling the fluid out of the tissues.

The lower legs are more prone to fluid buildup due to gravity pulling down. Due to there being less musculature in the actual lymph vessels the body relies a bit heavier on contraction of the big muscle groups in the lower legs to help push the fluid out of the tissues and into the lymph and up the leg to dump into the venous system where it can then be filtered and removed by the kidneys. Strong, full active contraction of the lower leg can help facilitate this process.

Pulling the toes up and back as hard as possible (dorsiflexion) followed by pushing the toes down as hard as possible (Plantarflexion) can help with using the strong muscles to squeeze and push the fluid. It is important to contract the muscles hard and hold for 1-2 sec in each direction. You can also bring the foot side to side (inversion is inward and eversion is outward) to utilize the muscles on the side of the leg to help as well.

Active movement is an integral part of getting the fluid out of the lower legs; however, it may not be the full solution for many people. Additional strategies may be necessary including eating foods that are natural diuretics. The strongest food diuretic that I know of is watermelon. Just a few slices of watermelon can stimulate the kidneys to remove excess fluid from the system. Unlike coffee and caffeine, watermelon helps the liver to process the ammonia, which eases the strain on the kidneys. I had a patient who diligently ate 2-3 slices of watermelon a day and the swelling in her legs reduced to less than half in less than 2 weeks. Cucumber, celery and lemon also work as diuretics; however, not as strongly as the watermelon. Sipping on cucumber and lemon infused water throughout the day is refreshing while being healthy for the kidneys and reducing swelling.

The form of swelling in the tissues is also important. Pitting edema is where the tissues will indent with pressure. The tissues will feel boggy and the indentation will be left in the tissues for 10 sec or up to many minutes. This form of swelling is worse than swelling that bounces back when you push on the tissues. The severity of the pitting edema is determined by the length of time it takes for the indentation to fill back in to normal. Pitting edema can indicate a deficit in thyroid function.

Understanding the differences in the swelling is important because many times when natural measures are taken to reduce swelling the swelling may not look like it is reducing; however, it will go from pitting edema to non-pitting (bouncy). This change in quality of swelling is a huge improvement and it means you are going the right direction in healing the problem.

Utilizing supplements can be a highly effective way of supporting various organs that play a role in fluid elimination for the body. As I had mentioned earlier, pitting edema can indicate a deficit in thyroid function. You would need a test to definitively determine a thyroid deficit; however, some symptoms include feeling cold, tired and easy weight gain around the abdomen. Taking herbal supplements can help support thyroid function. I have found Natures Sunshine products to be consistent, reliable and high quality so most of my supplement suggestions are with this company. If you are curious about Natures Sunshine quality control I recommend clicking this link to watch a video located at the top of my website

Natures Sunshine has two different thyroid supplements. Thyroid Activator contains trace minerals and iodine which are essential for the synthesis of the thyroid hormones T3 T4 along with multiple herbs that support glandular function. Thyroid Support contains powerful glandular extracts from thyroid, hypothalamus and pituitary glands to directly support those glands since they work as a team. The Thyroid Activator and Thyroid Support supplement blends synergistically work to support healthy thyroid function.

Additional herbal support can also help promote kidney function and help clear retained water from the body and Natures Sunshine has a unique Chinese formula called Kidney Activator that comes in standard strength and concentrated. This herbal blend has historically been used to support kidney, bladder and urinary tract while also supporting the lymphatic system to clear out retained fluids. It can help with joint health by clearing out excess fluids from around joints, especially in the ankles, feet and knees. It can also contribute to overall energy and stamina.

Elimination of excess fluid can have several positive side effects, including improved balance and increased energy since there is less resistance to movement and increased ability to respond in the muscles and joints. Hopefully you have found this helpful in reducing the swelling in your legs. If you have further concerns and would like a personalized consultation reach out to me at and we can set something up for a personalized one on one consultation. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you further.

In Abundant Health,

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Fascia; What Does It Do For You?

A simplistic view of fascia is this: “it is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place”. When I went to college over 20 years ago we did not even pay attention to fascia. During Dissection we hastily cut it out so we could see the important stuff which were the muscles, nerves, bones and blood vessels. Little did I know that I was ignoring the subject that would make the biggest difference in solving chronic pain.

Muscles may move the bones but if it was not for the fascia the shape of the body would not be held together. When fascia gets tight it can exert up to 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. This pressure on pain sensitive structures can produces headaches, chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, posture problems and restrict normal motion. In addition, fascia also has pain fibers within it and can be almost a sensitive as the skin.

Now that the importance of this structure is realized, lets look at the complexity of how it affects the body. This tough (think 2,000 pounds of pressure) tissue spreads throughout the body in a three-dimensional webbing from head to toe, uninterrupted. The Fascia on the head and shoulder area is connected throughout the complex webbing structure to the fascia of the ankle and foot.

The fascial system is the container of fluid in the body. Trauma, thwarted inflammatory responses and surgeries can dehydrate the fluid of the fascial system. When the fascia gets dehydrated it can solidify to a point that it creates a crushing pressure on pain-sensitive structures causing pain, numbness, tingling and lack of motion.

Standard tests such as x-rays, myelograms, CAT scans, electromyography etc, do not show fascial restrictions. It is suspected that there is a high percentage of people suffering with pain, tingling and lack of motion and even struggle to manage their posture may have significant fascial restrictions that go undiagnosed since there is not a standard test to detect them.

The three dimensional structure of the fascial system is unique and its viscoelastic qualities cause it to resist a suddenly applied force. It protects itself and the body with this resistance. However, this makes it more resistant to deep and more aggressive forms of soft tissue work. Truly effective manual fascial work is more on the gentle side. The drawback is that it can take a long time to allow the fascia to soften.

Another effective form of fascial release is through the use of dry needling. The practitioner can feel the compression and density of the tissues through the needle point. This allows for specific treatment in restricted areas. The use of a metal needle polarizes the tissues and allows them to lengthen. The exact mechanism of how this works is still being understood; however, the thick and dense tissues soften within seconds of the insertion of the needle.

Using a gentle form of myofascial release following dry needling is an ideal combination. The needling technique can soften some of the toughest and most restricted areas; however, it tends to work in a smaller area due to the pinpoint accuracy of the needle. The gentle myofascial release then allows the surrounding tissues to lengthen and expand and can address the tissue tension lines that can span longer distances in the body. For example, a restriction in in the left hip could offset the fascial system and cause pain in the right shoulder.

Treating the fascial system can be like trying to figure out a puzzle. Luckily I loved puzzles as a kid. These days I cannot find the time for them because I am too busy figuring out the puzzles in each of my clients bodies. It keeps me from getting bored because every fascial restriction can be unique to each person.

If you think your pain may be the result of a fascial restriction then reach out to me and let me help you solve the puzzle. It is one of my passions to solve these puzzles and I would love to help you with yours. You can reach out to me at

In Abundant Health,

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Keep The Collagen… Do Not Toss That Turkey!!!!

In comes the food coma from Thanksgiving dinner and all that Tryptophan from the turkey. It is just so good how can you stop eating??!! After such a gluttonous meal, what do you do with the turkey bones afterward? Personally, in my memories I recall them getting tossed. It seems so silly to go to the store and purchase chicken and turkey broth as a base for soups and many recipes when one can be made out of what is thrown in the trash. It took me many adult years of cooking to learn this valuable tip from a friend

There are many benefits to making your own broth other than the cost savings (though that is important too!). There are many healing and anti-aging properties of making bone broth. Bone broth contains many cell-energizing nutrients.

Do you want increased pliability in your muscles and younger more supple looking skin? Think Collagen!! Collagen is an important component of bone and creates much of the matrix that holds the minerals together. This collagen also contains a significant supply of amino acids which are important building blocks all your cells. When you cook bone broth for a long time, the collagen in the bones turn into gelatin and here is how it helps you:

  • Strengthens Your skin. Collagen is like natural Botox; erasing wrinkles and reversing sagging and stretch marks on the skin and improves overall elasticity. It also stimulates the growth of healthy hair and nails.
  • Fights Inflammation. Research shows that even basic chicken soup helps to calm down inflammation by preventing pro-inflammatory immune cells called neutrophils from moving to an inflamed area. The glycine in the collagen rich gelatin is an amino acid that has many important roles one of which is suppressing local and systemic inflammation. These anti-inflammatory benefits may also help with symptom reduction for autoimmune disorders.
  • Heals Your Gut. Research indicates that the collagen/gelatin strengthens the gut walls and decreases damage from excess acid while increasing protective mechanisms such as the slippery mucus lining on the inside of the digestive tract.

Surprisingly, bone broth is NOT high in one mineral you would expect: Calcium. However, the calcium that is present in bone broth is highly bioavailable (meaning it is exceptionally easy for the body to absorb and utilize). There are many other minerals contained in bone broth including phosphorus and magnesium. If you make fish bone broth then iodine can be added to that list but I will not go into that here since this is all about TURKEYS!!!

When Magnesium and Calcium are adequately balanced they maintain proper tension in the muscles. Too much calcium and the muscles are easily excited causing increased tension and tightness. Excessive magnesium can create loose and sloppy muscles that may be difficult to strengthen. Magnesium also helps with nerve conduction, enhances your digestion and helps with skin repair. Typically the American diet creates more of Magnesium deficiency vs a Calcium deficiency. Phosphorous plays a critical role in energizing your cells and helps activate enzymes to assist with digestion and assimilation of your food in the digestive tract.

This nutrient dense broth also contains important components that protect and repair joints. The joints are the places where the bones in your body meet. These joints contain cartilage, which is like a slippery Teflon coating allowing the surfaces to glide on one another without grinding. Animal bones contain cartilage too! (the stuff at the end of the turkey drumstick is cartilage). In addition to being rich in collagen building blocks, cartilage is packed with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid. These nutrients are building blocks for healthy, spongy cartilage in your own body and the hyaluronic acid lubricates both the muscles and the joints allowing everything to move smoother. Hyaluronic acid also hydrates the skin, helping to erase fine wrinkles.

You can obtain an abundant supply of four key amino acids – glycine, proline, arginine and glutamine – from bone broth since they are building blocks of collagen. Glycine has multiple benefits:

  • Plays a key role in the liver detoxification pathway to help remove toxins out of the body
  • Reduces oxidative damage
  • Enhances insulin sensitivity, making it easier for your body to burn fat (so much for putting on a few pounds from all that turkey you ate!)
  • Assists in the regulation of human growth hormone, which powers up fat burning (again… help with reducing the extra pounds from a gluttonous Thanksgiving meal!)
  • Helps facilitate restorative sleep

The body requires a good supply of proline, arginine and glutamine to keep the muscles, joints, gut and skin healthy. Proline assists your body in synthesizing proteins, metabolizing foods, healing wounds and protection against oxidative stress. Arginine has wound healing properties, has been shown to help with erectile dysfunctions and may protect the delicate tissues of the brain from degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimers. Glutamine is a powerful healer of the gut and may even help protect against ulcers.

Just WOW!!!! All these benefits from something you would normally toss in the trash!!! There are a lot more things you can add to increase the nutrient density of your bone broth and if you are interested, I encourage you to do some research and discover this on your own. Such a discussion can get quite lengthy and goes outside of the general scope of this article.

As fantastic as it is to be able to utilize these throw away remains; it may not be something you can do consistently to get the adequate collagen to effectively repair your muscles, joints and other soft tissues such as skin, ligaments and tendons. All of these tissues completely rebuild themselves in less than 6 months; therefore, having the correct building blocks allows for adequate tissue repair by creating cells that function optimally. Supplementing with good nutrients may be helpful to get you a continuous supply of healthy building blocks. I have used and recommended Natures Sunshine to others for many years for multiple reasons. Results are consistent and reliable and I appreciate their diligence on quality control are two of the main reasons. If you are interested in learning more about Natures Sunshine quality control click here to check out the short video at the top of my website.

Some suggestions I utilize to replace bone broth with the nutrients include obviously Collagen, a multivitamin for the minerals along with many other vitamins and Everflex for the glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid for the joints. Everflex also contains MSM which helps reduce inflammation. There are two suggestions for Natures Sunshine multivamin; the Synerpro and the Time Release. I like the Time Release since it gives sustained delivery of vitamins and minerals to nourish your body over time; however, it is a bit more expensive and does not contain as much calcium, phosphorous or magnesium as the Synerpro. You may have to make a judgement call on what you feel is best for your body.

I hope you have found this article to be helpful in making healthy decisions for yourself and your family while allowing you to make the most of your Turkey for Thanksgiving! If you want additional direction or have concerns regarding any specific health challenges; contact me for a consultation via email at The first 15 min is complementary and can be done as a video conferencing call or over the phone per your choice. I look forward to connecting with you and assisting you further in attaining your personal health goals.

In Abundant Health,

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Seasons May Change: Your Health Can Stay Balanced

Lively closeup of autumn leaves falling on the ground in a park, with a majestic oak tree on a meadow in the background lit by the sun

I live in Northeast Ohio, and it seems like this is the time of year that weather changes can wreak havoc on the immune system. The fall is a high allergy time and when the tissues of the upper respiratory system is irritated it seems like it the body is more prone to getting illnesses. I know in the past I would always get a sinus infection in the fall that would usually lead to some form of bronchitis and pneumonia and sometimes ear infections. This was standard for me until a several years ago. Maintaining healthy nasal passages and sinuses seems to be a big key for this. Check out my post “Sniff Out Some Relaxation” to learn the importance of nasal breathing and what you can do to keep your nasal passages clear and even how to combat the allergy response that affects the nose and cause it to clog up. If you like to use nasal sprays then it is a good choice to add Colloidal Silver to your spray because it is negatively affects the growth of bacteria. Silver is used in bandages, wound dressings and as a coating on some medical devices to reduce infection risk. It is a good addition to a nasal spray to reduce infection as well.

What are some easy things you can do to keep your body healthy during weather changes when your body feels weakened. Get out for a brisk walk, even if it is only for 15 minutes. This is especially important if the sun is shining because that sunshine allows your body to produce Vitamin D through a process that happens in the skin in response to the sun. In the transitional seasons such as the fall the angle of the sun still allows for enough intensity to stimulate the body to produce Vitamin D. It is not as intense as it is in the summer; however, in the winter months, the angle of the sun will not allow for adequate stimulation of vitamin D and supplementation is necessary for a few months out of the year even if you are able to get out in the sunshine. Supplementing with high doses of vitamin D at the onset of a cold can sometimes curb.

Walking outdoors at a brisk pace encourages you to breath deeper, bringing in fresh, outdoor air into the lungs and breathing out the stale air that may be sitting in the far reaches of your lungs. If you do not challenge your breathing, this stale air can breed bacteria. This happens much like a pool of stagnant water breeds pathogens. Free lowing water is typically clear and clean – much like the fresh outdoor air being breathed into the lungs

Sometimes the weather is just too bad to get outdoors comfortably. In these situations, I encourage you to still find something to do indoors that can get your heart rate up and breathing a bit heavier. The hardest part of this is getting motivated to do something indoors so try and make it interesting. I like to do a Zumba workout because I am learning dance moves while I am exercising and since I like to dance it is a good fit for me. Maybe something more hardcore is your style such as kickboxing, where you can learn self defense moves while getting your heart rate up and body moving. The activity itself matters less than whether or not it is interesting to YOU. The more interesting it is, the more likely you will be able to follow through on it a few times a week over an extended period of time. If you are uncertain on the best time of the day to exercise then check out my blog post on exercise and cortisol to get more clarity on what may be best for you.

When the weather changes we tend to turn to heavier comfort foods rather than the lighter food that is usually chosen in the warmer weather. As enticing as it may be to go for the comfort food; keep in mind that your body is more susceptible to illness at this time of the year and try to make lighter, more vegetable laden choices at least 50% of the time. I know that my vegetable intake goes down drastically in the fall and winter due to lack of access to fresh veggies from the garden. I have to make more intentional choices and decisions to bring in veggies to my meals; but it is well worth it. Fresh fruits and veggies are packed with vitamins and minerals needed for the immune system to operate properly. If you like to make smoothies then you can easily add spinach and/or cucumbers into the smoothie to add some veggies without altering the flavor. In fact, I think that cucumbers add a nice fresh twist to the flavor of the smoothie.

Changes in eating habits naturally occur with the weather changes, so supplementing with a multivitamin and some immune support may be helpful. I have frequently endorsed Natures Sunshine because I like the results achieved with their products and also I am impressed with their measures of quality control. To learn more about their process of quality control then check out the video at the top of my website Natures Sunshine has a fantastic time release multivitamin that will nourish the body’s cells throughout the day or night. If you are a minimalist when it comes to pills then maybe a powder form would be more ideal for you. There is a protein powder that also provides 75% of the daily value 18 essential vitamins and minerals. This powder also contains and enzyme blend for maximal digestion and various fruit and vegetable powders such as broccoli, carrot and pomegranate. It has a natural vanilla flavor and mixes well with any fruits you may want to add into the smoothie or just plain cocoa or even peanut butter if that is your choice. There is also a sugar free option if sugar is a concern for you.

When you are on the go during the day it is good to stay hydrated and mixing Solstic Immune to the water will add a blend of vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients known to boost the immune system, including Vitamin D. It contains a proprietary blend of beta glucans, echinacea, elderberries and other nutrient rich berries historically knowns to stimulate the immune system. If you feel like you need additional support because you tend to get ill in the fall then Trigger Immune is a great product to take to additionally strengthen the immune system. It is a blend of chinese herbs and the formula is designed to strengthen a weakened energy constitution. Its chinese name sheng mai can be translated to mean “generate chi”.

Hopefully, this helps you get through this season healthy and into the holiday season full of energy and vitality. If you are uncertain if these or any other choices would be ideal for you then reach out to me for a consultation at I would love the opportunity to help guide you through the best choices for your needs.

In Abundant Health,

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Exercise and Cortisol… Get the Most Out of Your Workouts!

The events since 2020 have been stimulating our cortisol systems (Adrenals) heavily, placing us in a fight or flight response more than in the past. Due to the extra stimulation, it is important to learn how to better manage the adrenals to allow your body to rest, digest and heal when it is appropriate to do so.

Balancing activity and stimulation of your adrenals with rest and restoration is important to overall health of your mind body and spirit.

Exercise is important since the movement of the muscles charges your body with energy to help it run efficiently; however, depending on how exercise is used it can help or hinder your ability to manage cortisol, and thus your ability to recover and heal the body.

Before delving into the cortisol response of the body with exercise, lets get a basis of understanding of the natural rhythms of cortisol in the body. As a natural response, the adrenals dump a large amount of cortisol into the body in the morning to get you out of sleep mode and moving for your day. This is a natural response of the body, and if you notice significant lethargy in the morning, it can be an indicator of adrenal fatigue. Understanding the natural trend of cortisol can help you work with the body with exercise rather than against it.

So, what happens to your blood cortisol levels when you exercise? Challenging, or strenuous exercise, stimulates your adrenals to respond, causing a short term increase in your cortisol levels. This cortisol increase can help you discharge some general stress you may be feeling during your workout. Following your workout there is a slow tapering down of cortisol levels allowing your body to more effectively rest, digest and repair itself leading to a good nights sleep at the end of the day. If this is used in conjunction with your body’s natural tendency to have elevated cortisol levels in the morning, then you will have the ideal cortisol response. This will allow your body to discharge the stress and get moving for the day and then taper off through the day for a restorative nights sleep.

If you have sleeping difficulties, whether it is falling asleep quickly, or awakening up throughout the night, a cause could be too high of cortisol levels. In this case, working out at the end of the day will spike cortisol levels more without allowing adequate time to taper down and allow for a restorative nights sleep. If you fall in this category, then a morning workout would be ideal since it will allow you to discharge your stress early in the day and give the body enough time to taper down the cortisol to allow for a restful nights sleep, all while strengthening your body’s natural cortisol trend.

Endurance training, where you exercise for multiple hours consecutively, can raise cortisol levels for several days or longer. If you have a stressful lifestyle, or are just under a lot of stress at the time, it might help to keep your workouts under an hour to help to regulate the cortisol levels in your body. In addition, it would be best to work with your body’s natural rhythms and perform a morning workout, rather than in the evening.

However, life is not ideal. Sometimes the only time you can find for a workout is in the evening. How can you make the best of this situation. You may have to support your body a bit more in this situation. Taking adrenal support herbs / vitamins in the morning will help with any adrenal fatigue you may sustain from overstimulation of the gland. Your adrenals are located above your kidneys and are about the size of a walnut. They are not big, so it is easy to see how they can get easily fatigued. Adrenal glands utilize a lot of B vitamins, so supplementing with a good B complex along with adrenal support will get your body moving for the day. If your body has difficulty processing B vitamins then using the methylated form is ideal. You can click on this link here for the suggestions through Natures Sunshine, which I support due to their stringent attention to quality control.

If you have to workout later in the day, then what can you do to help to bring your cortisol levels down in order to rest and recover that night? Natures Sunshine has a product called Nutri Calm that promotes a sense of peace and calm and supports your body in times of stress using a blend of vitamins and herbs. NutriCalm may help bring you down from your high of working out, and stimulate your cortisol drop to happen at a faster pace.

Melatonin has an inverse, or opposite relationship to cortisol. As this hormone is released, it stimulates the body to prepare for sleep. When cortisol levels are high it can negatively affect the body’s ability to secrete melatonin. Supplementing with melatonin can help reduce cortisol levels and allow the body to rest. However, it is important to take this early in the evening, ideally as soon as it gets dark outside, because this is the natural time melatonin gets released in the body. If you take it too late then melatonin can make you groggy and lethargic in the morning. It will be difficult to shake off that grogginess and get moving with your day since your cortisol levels may be suppressed from the melatonin being in your system too late in the morning.

If you tend to awaken in the middle of the night then it is not ideal to take melatonin at this time for reasons I explained above. In this situation, Natures Sunshine has a superb product that helps calm the mind and allow it to rest called Nerve Eight. This mind calming effect allows you to fall asleep without feeling groggy in the morning. You can even take this product a few hours before you have to get up in the morning without adverse affects when you awaken.

If you awaken feeling jittery, feeling like your heart and/or mind is racing, then the cause of your awakening may be due to fluctuations in blood sugar. Cortisol plays an important role in how your body regulates blood sugar. In this case, supporting your blood sugar with supplementation will help immensely along with eating something that has a high fat and/or protein content, which will digest slowly and release a steady amount of blood glucose. Natures Sunshine has a great herbal supplement called Blood Sugar Formula and it utilizes Ayervedic herbs to support the body’s glandular system and regulate glucose levels. Taking this product when awakening in the night allows the blood sugar to be restored to normal levels and you can fall back asleep quickly and easily.

And last but not least, when you workout there are extra demands on your body, including an increased need for protein and hydration. If these building blocks are not available, additional stress is be placed on the body, thus making it more difficult to lower cortisol levels following the workout. Utilizing a good protein supplement is ideal so that the body can build the muscle as it is stimulated to do in response to strenuous activity. Natures Sunshine has a protein powder designed for athletes. Along with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids it also has a specific herbal blend that simulates mTOR and AMPK which facilitates the body’s natural breakdown and rebuild of muscle tissue that occurs with strenuous exercise and utilizes either whey or plant protein to provide 20 grams of clean protein per serving.

Your body also needs adequate hydration and electrolytes for adequate recovery following exercise. AIVIA hydrate has a unique blend of essential electrolytes and trace minerals to optimize recovery. It contains alanyl glutamine to enhance water and electrolyte absorption in the intestines along with multiple other quality ingredients to maximize your recovery. Natures Sunshine has another product called Solstic Revive which is an electrolyte support with an array of B vitamins to support adrenal function along with vitamin C and E. It also contains glucosamine to support joint integrity. Both of these products are great choices depending on your specific needs.

Remember, when you perform a strenuous workout the needs of your body also increase. Yes, this seems like a lot to have to do to exercise; however, you are exercising to support your body’s health so make sure your body has the building blocks needed to make the most of the strenuous activity of the workouts.

I hope you have found this article to be informative and if I gave you too much information at once then I apologize. There is so much information to share I just do not know where to stop. I would be happy to do a consultation with you to help with any overwhelm you may be feeling and determine specifically what may help you with your needs. Just reach out to me via email at I look forward to helping you out in the future.

In Abundant Health,

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Stress and Bad Posture

The last few years have been nothing short of stressful for everyone. I have noticed more clients with decreased ability to focus, increased pain and more significant postural issues. Excessive stress causes the body to excite the sympathetic nervous system, placing it into a fight or flight mode.

Along with making it hard to focus, digest food and fight off pathogens, an overactive sympathetic nervous system (Fight or Flight Response) also affects a keystone bone in the center of the skull called the sphenoid bone. When this bone is moved out of place, the other cranial bones follow. This actually moves the center of gravity of the skull, causing the body to compensate since the brain will adjust the entire body position to maintain a horizontal gaze of the eyes. These changes can be seen or felt by the individual and examples of these physical affects include:

  • The two sides of the face may look asymmetrical
  • The jaw may move to one side causing TMJ pain
  • One ear canal is lower than the other
  • One eyelid is droopy and the opposite cheek flatter
  • Kinking of the Eustachian tubes can cause more ear infections
  • Sinus and Nasal passage obstruction causes snoring
  • Vertebrae C1 and C2 move to one side causing persistent headaches and neck pain
  • One shoulder is higher than the other, making one arm seem short
  • One shoulder blade is higher than the other causing pain between the blades with driving or desk work.
  • Pelvis is rotated causing low back pain and possibly one leg relatively shorter placing more weight on the hip, knee and ankle joints making them wear out faster
  • Shift of weight to one side impairs balance and causes one to be clumsy

How can this be treated? Historically, the most ideal way of correcting the sphenoid malalignment in the body was done with craniosacral treatments. This method is still effective; however, a treatment can take anywhere from 60-90 minutes. I personally utilize craniosacral treatments with my clients and get fantastic results; however, I have found an improved method that can correct the malalignment in less than 5 minutes!

A device developed by Dr. Jerry Tennant utilizing electromagnetic energy stimulates the vagal nerve at the neck and this can automatically correct the autonomic nervous system and flip it out of fight or flight (sympathetic overdrive) and back into rest and restore (parasympathetic drive).

The effects of correcting sphenoid malalignment is cumulative over time, meaning that the improvements build on each other and keeps creating better outcomes. Some of the positive effects include:

  • Improved ability to manage stress (stress is not going away so the best we can do is better manage it!!!)
  • Greater ability to focus on a task and complete what is started
  • Easier to move around due to improved balance and decrease pain
  • Less tendency to lose balance
  • Improved hand-eye coordination

Once the autonomic nervous system is rebalanced physically, either with a craniosacral treatment or with an electromagnetic treatment of the vagal nerve with Dr Tennants Biomodulator, it is important to maintain balance of this system. Use of herbal supplements can be very beneficial in balancing the autonomic nervous system and allowing for a calmer demeaner and improved stress tolerance. I have found the company Natures Sunshine has high quality supplements for a manageable price point so that is my first go-to recommendation. Check out the video at the top of this page to better understand the quality control that Natures Sunshine utilizes.

Natures Sunshine has a product called AnxiousLess and it does exactly what it says by reducing anxiety and helps you find and maintain your calm. It is non-habit forming and results can be noticed in an hour; however, consistent daily use can help maintain a calm demeanor. I had a client tell me that with our treatments including electromagnetic treatment of the vagal nerve, craniosacral therapy and use of AnxousLess daily, she was no longer a hairs breadth away from losing her sh*t constantly. She has found that since initiating treatment her hip pain resolved and she is able to get more done in a day due to being more calm and collected along with a list of other unexpected benefits. Her personal testimonial is below:

“Since seeing Lisa and starting a course of supplements from Nature’s Sunshine, I have noticed huge shifts in terms of both the alleviation of physical pain and the drastic reduction of stress and anxiety. At my first consultation, Lisa helped me understand that my nervous system was essentially in constant fight or flight. This made sense to me as I have been incredibly anxious, irritable, and on edge. After a couple weeks of electromagnetic therapy and craniosacral therapy plus incorporating Anxiousless into my daily routine, I realized, as I said to Lisa, I was not ready to fly off the handle at every single stressor. Instead, I felt more grounded and balanced. In the time since then, this has only continued to improve. I feel more “level” than I have in many years. I’ve suffered severe anxiety and depression for most of my adult life and it has gotten worse in my late 20s and early 30s. Since beginning treatment and starting a regular routine of supplements (Anxiousless, 5-HTP, Magnesium, and a Multivitamin), I haven’t had any serious anxiety attacks. On top of this, the physical pain which originally brought me to Lisa has been reduced to the point that I sometimes forget it was an issue. It truly feels like my energy is flowing through my body without as much blockage. I can’t say enough about how helpful this kind of therapy has been for me in ways that I didn’t initially anticipate. I came to Lisa for hip pain, but have since had the benefit of a significant “re-wiring” of my energy channels, which has rebooted my system and overall has reduced my pain, taken away my brain fog, and helped me to feel at ease and grounded each day — I wouldn’t have believed this was possible only a couple of months ago!” – Whitney Porter, October 2022

There are other products that are beneficial in these situations, however, it is more than I can reasonably list here. Contact me for a consultation to see what may be ideal for your needs. You can reach me via email for a consultation at I wold love to have the opportunity to help you find your calm, balanced self!

In Abundant Health,

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Too Much of a Good Time??

It has been a strange few years and I have noticed that promotion of alcohol consumption has increased. I have seen it being used more and more as a coping strategy. Hopefully, its use is more for fun, however; too much fun is not a good thing and it can get the better of us. The fun stops when we have to pay for it later… namely the next day. It has happened to all of us one time or another that we had too much fun, or too much stress, consumed too much alcohol and had a tough time rolling through the next day.

Most assume it is dehydration that causes the bad feelings the next day and yes… that may be a part of it because alcohol is a diuretic causing you to pee more thus causing a loss of valuable hydration and electrolytes. Elecrolyte drinks help with the effects of dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. I am very partial to Natures Sunshine products because of the level of quality control that they implement throughout the farming, harvesting and manufacturing process. If you are interested in learning more about their quality control procedures then check out the video at the top of this page

Natures Sunshine has an electrolyte water additive called Solstic Revive that is great for “reviving” the body. I have used this product extensively not only for keeping myself going the day after a fun night out but also after a long stressful workday when I do not have time or plain forget to adequately eat or drink. It is also great after a tough workout at the gym because it has ingredients supporting joint and muscle repair such as glucosamine and amino acids. It speeds up the recovery time significantly with essential electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium and potassium and even some B vitamins to support adrenals and energy production in the body.

It is all well and good to resolve the sluggishness, fatigue, foggy headed hangover feeling as quickly as possible after it starts; however, what about preventing it in the first place? Is that possible? Actually, there are things that can be done to improve your body’s ability to efficiently process the alcohol and prevent hangovers! No, this is not an excuse to consume 2x your usual amount since that is just more trouble. However, you will find that adding a few supplements will make a world of difference the next day.

First off, many do to realize this, but alcohol depletes the B vitamins in your body. As a side note cigarettes deplete the Vitamin C in your body which can affect your immune response. Since alcohol depletes the B vitamins existing in the body then it would make sense to have some extra to start with right? Yes! It does help to have some extra B vitamins beforehand and even some at the end of the night to ensure you feel good the next day. Again, I support Natures Sunshine because of their quality control with their vitamins and you can find a link to their Vitamin B complex here. If you have difficulty metabolizing B vitamins then check out the methylated B vitamins since they are more bio-available to the body.

I am sure you know that it is primarily the liver that helps cleanse the blood and detox the body of the byproducts from the alcohol. Therefore, it would make sense to support the liver in being as efficient as possible in this process. Milk thistle is great for this job and Natures Sunshine has an extended time release capsule that makes it efficient to take as you are preparing for your time out.

Even when everything is done right with the B vitamins and the milk thistle it can be difficult to get restorative sleep after a night with a few drinks and this can definitely affect how you feel the next day right? The cause of this non-restorative sleep can be from blood sugar fluctuations. When you go to sleep the blood sugar is high from the alcohol and the body does its best to break that down and use the sugars and then the blood sugar can go too low. When the blood sugar goes low it can make you wake up, feel clammy, hot, racing thoughts and slight anxiety. Natures sunshine has an herbal remedy for blood sugar that helps keep the blood sugar in normal ranges and helps manage large swings. I have found this to be invaluable in getting good quality sleep not just from alcohol but from eating anything that is a simple carbohydrate before bed. It also helps to have something that digests slowly to give the body a constant supply of sugars such as cheese or protein but honestly managing the blood sugar with herbal remedies is a great and efficient way to go.

There may be a day when you may have 1 or 2 drinks more than you had planned and that was more than your body can handle. It can be tough to keep track of it when you are out having fun with family and friends. So what do you do then? Activated charcoal is superb at absorbing toxins. I have used it extensively for stomach upset and food poisoning and it helps equally well in situations such as these where you lose track of the night and the drinking.

I cannot advocate heavy drinking because it is exceptionally hard on the body especially if done regularly; however, we are all human and we get carried away and sometimes one leads to another. It happens to all of us. I hope these suggestions help you to alleviate the negative affects. If you have any questions or concerns about any health issues negatively affecting you and wonder of supplements may be helpful for your situation reach out and ask. I would be delighted to have a consultation with you, which could be done over the phone or on a platform similar to Zoom which is extremely helpful in sharing supplements.

In Abundant Health,

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Hair Loss from Covid

There is an old saying… you don’t know what you got til its gone. Back in the day, Cinderella sang a song all about that… You can check it out here if you are curious. That was the case for me when suddenly my hair started falling out in handfuls. At the time, I had no idea what was causing the hair loss and I was more than freaked out about the amount I was losing. I was afraid I would have to be wearing a wig in less than a month.

I did start wearing a hairpiece within a few weeks because when I put my hair up in a bun it was about the size of a quarter. When my hair was healthy an thick it was about 4 inches in diameter and very full and rounded. The hairpiece fit around the bun and made it look like there was more hair volume. I have no pictures to share from this time other than the handful of hair. I was too discouraged to take a picture.

I never realized how important hair was for self identity until this happened. Most women I discussed this with understood this importance more than I had. One woman even told me that our hair is like our crown. She is 100% correct.

I had a local hairdresser help me try to find the root cause of this issue. I thought maybe it was due to doing a well water treatment on my hair followed by coloring it a week later. I am fully aware that coloring the hair is toxic; however, once I talked about it with my hairdresser, we realized it was due to Covid. She had a client a month back who lost most of her hair 3 months after having Covid. I was on the same 3 month timeline with my hair loss.

I did some research and realized that it may not be due to the Covid virus directly; but rather the longstanding fever caused from the Covid. I had a fever for more than 7 days. I was on a strong supplements regimen and using my Tennant Biomodulator frequency machine to optimize my body for healing, so I did not have any long lasting symptoms and my fatigue resolved after about a month and a half. Since I had seemingly full resolution, I was not giving Covid any thought when I had hair loss.

However, I discovered that any longstanding fever causes all the hair follicles to go into shedding phase. It is the body’s way of conserving energy. Usually the hair follicles are all staggered in their phases of shedding, but with a fever or high stress the body tries to conserve as much energy as possible and stops feeding the hair follicles. It takes about 3 months for the deepest part of the hair shaft to be pushed out to the surface and then shed.

Now that I was informed, I realized it was necessary to give my body what it needed to grow more healthy hair. I talked with a hairdresser friend who talked with a few colleagues and gave me some recommendations on scalp serums to use to facilitate hair regrowth. I settled on GrandeHAIR enhancing Serum. It came highly recommended, though with a hefty price tag. Hair can be expensive! Sheesh! I was also told to STOP coloring my hair so I guess the savings in coloring my hair went into growing my hair. But OMG the grey hair was getting to be too much so I did get some temporary wash out hair color. It was a hassle but it helped support my hair follicles in regrowth by minimizing toxins.

I also needed to support the hair growth from the inside out. I love Natures Sunshine due to their commitment to quality control with a not so scary / hefty price tag. Check out the top of this page link here for a video on Natures Sunshine Quality Control. I remain loyal to this company on their quality and the results. I knew from past experience that collagen is an important part of hair strength so I decided to supplement with Collagen. I also found that there is a product called HSN-W that contains herbs traditionally used to enhance skin tone and help strengthen hair, skin and nails. These botanicals, including wild crafted Horsetail stems, also offer antioxidant benefits. I decided to use both of these products to strengthen my hair regrowth from the inside out.

Deficits in thyroid function can also negatively affect hair growth. In fact, depressed thyroid function is a common cause of hair loss when it occurs in the absence of a significant stressor such as a high fever. The thyroid hormones regulate many body functions including oxygen use, basal metabolic rate, cellular metabolism, growth and development and body temperature. It is no surprise the thyroid would be affected when the body needs to conserve energy in the event of a high fever from an illness.

I decided to support my thyroid as much as possible with two supplements through Natures Sunshine including Thyroid Support and Adaptamax. Both of these supplements contain Kelp; which has iodine and is necessary for proper thryoid function. Functional thyroid hormones cannot be produced without iodine. Thyroid support provides amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, glandular extracts and phytonutrients to support thyroid function. Adaptamax has a proprietary blend of many non-GMO adaptogenic botanicals, including ginseng, rhodiola, ashwagandha and astralagus. These herbs allow the body to adapt to changes and fluctuations internally with more ease. It also contains ginkgo, kelp and some other herbs used to support energy production, thyroid function and the nervous system.

I stayed on this regimen for over 7 months and had thick hair regrowth that came back about an inch a month. I was told by several hairdressers that hair typically regrows about 1/2 inch a month so I was exceeding expectations!!! It has been over 10 months and I still take the thyroid support and adaptamax but have stopped the HSN-W because my nails were growing too fast and It was too much to keep up with. I still take the collagen and have scaled it down to every 2-3 days rather than daily in my smoothies. I did not repurchase the GrandeHAIR serum after I ran out because I felt I was doing enough to support my hair from the inside out.

I love how my hair looks now and I get tons of compliments. I even started dying my hair every 2 months once I felt like it had grown back about 4-5 inches, but was extra careful to get as little on the scalp as possible. I still use the wash out hair color to minimize the toxins on my scalp and stretch out the time between color treatments.

It is very unsettling to have significant hair loss but YOU can turn it around with the right tools. If you are uncertain if any of these recommendations would be beneficial for you with the challenges you are facing or you are concerned about your stress levels and how that is affecting your hair growth please contact me for a consultation. We can discuss your best options moving forward. There are A LOT of options to reduce stress levels, and we can go through all those options together. I would love the opportunity to help you find more balance and calm in your body.

In Abundant Health,

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Sniff Out Some Relaxation

Breath is important and highly undervalued or overlooked. Animals breath through their nose unless they are hunting, being hunted, anxious or sick. If you have a dog then you may have noticed that they tend to pant and breath through their nose when they are anxious. When they are at peace, which is most of the time, they breath through their noses. This is important and I will explain to you why.

Humans, contrary to other animals, primarily breath through their mouths, which tells the brain to prepare for battle or run away. It did not start this way since infants and young children tend to breath through their noses and into their belly. Somehow, along the line people lost that connection between nose breathing and the diaphragm. Just as the length of the breath is important in maintaining a calm nervous system, it is also important HOW we are breathing.

By default, our nervous system is easily excited and tends to be more dominant with sympathetic stimulation also referred to as fight or flight. This means we have to be more diligent in stimulating the parasympathetic side of the nervous system for rest and restoration, which can be done by breathing through the nose. This simple action helps to stimulate our vagus nerve, which releases serotonin thus supporting the rest, restore and digest processes of the body. When breathing through the nose, it also creates a natural anti-inflammatory called nitric acid to lower blood pressure and increase absorption of oxygen by dilating tubes in the lungs.

Breathing through the nose also slows down the breath. When we breath slowly and deeply, it lets our brain know that we are safe. Cortisol levels are kept at lower levels when we feel safe which allows all the systems of the body to operate easily and peacefully. In addition, faster breathing makes our hearts beat faster. A faster heartbeat indicates to the brain that there is danger. Chronic states of fight or flight when at rest with no real threat or danger can be perpetuated by a fast heartbeat and fast breathing.

Stimulating your vagus nerve through nose breathing while engaging your diaphragm with deep belly breathing creates a blend of calming serotonin and dopamine needed for relaxed heart rate. In addition, only nasal breathing connected with belly breathing moves the diaphragm downward when we inhale, literally massaging the gut over 20,000 times a day. Emotions are stored in the gut and proper diaphragm breathing massages the muscles and organs associated with this area, keeping them flexible and open to opportunities in the present moment.

So you may be saying to yourself that all this sounds great but since my nose is always stuffed up then how is this possible? I get it! I have had sinus issues since I was a kid; infections, congestion, allergies, you name it and I had it. Because of this issue I have always sought out remedies. I am going to share with you some of the best I have used. The first is a nasal wash called Xlear. It is a simple wash with xylitol and is all natural. I like Xlear for regular maintenance and cleansing of the tissues inside the nose. You can click on this link and find it directly on amazon.

You may also have chronic inflammation in the tissues that just closes up the passageways and can even cause snoring. I have found that Sinus Plumber works great for this. I have to give a fair warning though… it uses capsaicin and horseradish for this. Sinus Plumber really clears out the sinus and reduces inflammation but it can make your toes curl. The discomfort is temporary and the relief in the sinuses and nasal passages do last for quite some time so I found it to be worth the initial discomfort. You can find the link for amazon here. There is also a capsaicin version of Xlear that is a bit less potent. I have tried the Xlear version and went back to Sinus Buster because it seemed to be more effective. You can find the link for Xlear capsaicin here.

Sometimes you need to just clean the whole sinus area and nasal passages out. There is a system for this. I first learned about this method from going to an ear / nose / throat specialist and he used a machine to rinse out my sinuses and I felt great for weeks afterward. I finally started doing it myself and have found that the Xlear system is the best. You can find a link for amazon here for the sinus wash system from Xlear.

The real game changer came when I discovered Natures Sunshine products and they have a fantastic product for helping promote healthy sinus and nasal passages called Seasonal Allergy (formerly ALJ). Do not be swayed by the name, as it is not just effective for allergy issues. For me personally I have found it reduces inflammation and mucus and makes my nasal and sinus passages feel clear and unobstructed. When I am having more issues around spring and fall I need to take more… up to 4 capsules 3x a day but it is worth it. There is also a product that they have to help reduce histamine production which is effective during allergy season and it is called Histablock. I love both of these products, Seasonal Allergy and Histablock, and use them regularly throughout the year and found I do not need the sinus buster or the sinus wash nearly as often. I still use the Xlear sinus cleansing spray several times a week though because it helps promote the natural cleansing process of your nasal passages.

Now you can sniff out some good relaxation with nose breathing! I personally have found dramatic improvements in my quality of sleep and feeling more rested and restored generally from practicing nose breathing, day and night. I always wake up feeling more rested if I am able to breathe through my nose through the night vs through my mouth. I hope it makes as much of a difference for you!

In Abundant Health,

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